Taste it at TRBusiness Rocks

By World Of Patria International,

Rob Nichols, Managing Director of World of Patria International, will be attending the TRBusiness Rocks event in Singapore on 10 May 2015. Whay not come along and taste it for yourself.

A new and innovative first to the World of Drinks, Tofka was born in Courchevel 1850 in the French Alps – a perfectly balanced triple filtered vodka and liquid caramel toffee flavour and perfect as:
– an aperitif
– a digestive
– at parties
– fresh off the slopes
– or just on your own



Apple pie

35ml Tofka, 15ml Manzana Verde (Apple liquor), 50ml Apple juice, 12.5ml Lemon juice, 5ml Cinnamon Syrup, 3 drops of Tabasco
Method: Shake all the ingredients with ice. Strain over ice in tall glass.


35ml Tofka, 15ml triple sec, 10ml Mozart dark Milk
Method: Shake Tofka, triple sec and Mozart with ice. Strain over crushed ice in short glass. Top with crushed ice and milk
Created by The Wick at Both Ends, Sheffield


30ml Tofka, Top up with Ginger beer/ale Squeeze of Lime
Method: Fill a highball glass with cubed ice. Add the Tofka and top up with the ginger beer. Add a squeeze of lime and garnish.

Kicker (big hit)

30ml Tofka, 20ml Gin, 10ml Gomme syrup, Soda, 2 Lime and 2 Lemon wedges
Method: Mix the fruit in a tall glass. Add the Tofka, Gomme syrup and Gin over ice. Top up with soda

Toffee Hit

20ml Tofka, 12ml Pineapple juice, 8ml Passion fruit purée, 8ml Gomme
Method: Shake all ingredients very hard and poor into a double shot glass

Dark and Stormy

30ml Tofka, Ginger beer to fill glass, 20ml Dark Rum, Squeeze of lime
Method: Pour the Tofka and Dark Rum into a sling glass over crushed ice. Squeeze in the lime and top up with the ginger beer.

Golden Champagne

30ml Tofka, Top up with Champagne
Method: Add the Tofka to a flute glass and top up with Champagne.

Mountain Spirit

40ml Tofka, 25ml Orange juice, 15ml Mango Purée, 10ml Gomme, 10ml Passion fruit purée, Garnish with an orange peel
Method: Shake all ingredients with cubed ice and add to a slog glass.

Walnut Flurry

40ml Tofka, 10ml Gomme, 10ml Frangelico, 15ml Egg white, 4 crushed walnuts
Method: Shake all the ingredients together and serve over ice.

Tofka coffee

35ml Tofka, 15ml Dark Rum, 1 espresso shot, 25ml milk, Garnish whipped cream & chocolate powder
Method: Shake all ingredients hard with cubes ice. Strain into a sling or latte glass and garnish with the whipped cream and chocolate powder.

Banoffee Pie

35ml Tofka, 10ml Banana syrup, 15ml Fresh Cream, 8ml Gomme, 10ml Butterscotch Schnapps, Melted chocolate (Optional for effect)
Method: Mix all the ingredients together and pour into a martini glass. Add the melted chocolate to create a marble effect.


25ml Tofka, 25ml Malibu, 75ml Pineapple juice, Squeeze of lime
Method: Pour the Tofka and Malibu over crushed ice in a highball glass. Top up with Pineapple juice and a squeeze of lime.


30ml Tofka, 12ml Brandy, 10ml Cream, 10ml Milk, 5ml Gomme, Spoon of melted Chocolate
Method: Shake all ingredients hard and double strain into a martini glass.

Kodak Courage

30ml Tofka, 20ml Whiskey, 10ml lemon juice, Garnish with orange peel
Method: Pour all ingredients into a rocks glass over some ice cubes. Garnish with orange peel.